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United Nations – Russia and China veto Syria aid | message


New York (Reuters) – Russia and China vetoed the United Nations Security Council (UN) against the approval of further aid deliveries from Turkey to Syria.

Cross-border access is “vital to the well-being of the civilian population in north-western Syria. Life depends on it,” said UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres spokesman Stephane Dujarric on Tuesday. The remaining 13 council members voted in favor of the resolution drawn up by Germany and Belgium, which should guarantee access to relief supplies for another year. The approval has been in existence for six years and expires on Friday.

The Security Council allowed the cross-border relief operation to continue for six months from the two Turkish border crossings in January, but dropped the crossings from Iraq and Jordan due to opposition from the Syrian allies Russia and China. Western diplomats said the closure of the Iraqi transition would cut 40 percent of medical aid to northeastern Syria. According to the United Nations, Syria has more than 250 coronavirus cases, including nine deaths.

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