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US ELECTION / Doctor: Trump tested negative for coronavirus | message


WASHINGTON (dpa-AFX) – US President Donald Trump has tested negative for the corona virus, according to his personal doctor. Quick tests were negative on “consecutive days”, said Sean Conley in a statement on Monday (local time). He added that in addition to the antigen tests, other laboratory data had also been used to determine that the president was no longer contagious after his corona infection. When Trump tested negative for the first time and how often remained unclear.

Trump announced on October 2 that he had been infected with the corona virus. Because of his Covid-19 illness, he was treated for three days in a military hospital. Personal physician Conley had already announced on Saturday that the President was no longer contagious. He did not publish information on test results at this time.

On his first trip to an election campaign appearance since his corona infection, Trump refrained from wearing a mask on Monday. Trump was rarely seen in public wearing mouth and nose protection during the entire pandemic. His opponents criticized him as a bad example. Not only Trump was infected with Corona, but also numerous other employees and guests of the White House./lkl/DP/he

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