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USA – Florida reports over 10,000 new infections for the fifth day in a row | message


Washington (Reuters) – The US continues to struggle with rising coronavirus cases.

The U.S. state of Florida reported over 10,000 cases for the fifth day in a row with over 12,000 new infections. “We have embers and we have flames. Florida has become more flame, but it is – it is under control,” said President Trump on Sunday. At least 14 countries have reported record numbers of hospitalizations for the novel virus in July, including Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Nevada, and Texas.

Nevertheless, the US government is pushing to reopen the schools in a few weeks and opposes a federal mandate to wear masks in public. Trump reiterated on Fox News that he thought the virus would eventually go away. “I’ll be right at some point,” he said. “It will go away and I will be right.” In the United States, statistics from the Disease Control Centers (CDC) showed the opposite – rising numbers of infections, deaths, hospitalizations, and a higher rate of positive test results. Trump said he did not agree with CDC director Robert Redfield that this fall and winter would be one of the most difficult times for public health in the US, as hospitals had to deal with seasonal flu in addition to Covid-19. “I don’t know and I don’t think he knows,” Trump said. Regarding the warnings of the US epidemic Dr. Anthony Fauci told Trump that Fauci was “a little clairvoyant”. The latter warned that US cases could soon exceed 100,000 a day if the Americans did not take the necessary steps to stop the virus from spreading.

Some states’ efforts to curb the pandemic are hampered by test kit bottlenecks and late results, Dr. Francis Collins, director of National Health Institutes for NBC. Sometimes people would wait up to a week for their test results. “It really undermines the sense of the tests,” said Collins.

Instead of expanding testing options, the Trump administration plans to block a planned $ 25 billion budget for testing and contact tracking, reports the Washington Post and New York Times. The White House initially declined to comment on the newspaper reports.

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