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VIRUS: Almost 14,400 corona deaths in France – but measures have an effect message


PARIS (dpa-AFX) – Well over 14,000 people have died in France as a result of Covid-19. A total of 14,393 people have died in hospitals, nursing homes and old people’s homes since the beginning of March, the Ministry of Health said on Sunday evening. On the fourth day in a row, the number of people treated in the intensive care unit decreased slightly. There were 220 admissions and 255 layoffs there, so there was a small decrease of 35. Within 24 hours, 315 people died in hospitals – a little less than the previous day.

“These data confirm that the epidemic in our country is continuing dynamically and continues to be hard hit,” said the Ministry of Health. One observes the beginning of “a very high plateau”, but must remain vigilant, because the hospitals and intensive care units care for a very large number of patients. However, the containment measures had an initial effect. “We must not let up in our efforts,” warned the Ministry.

France has at least 5,140 corona deaths in retirement and nursing homes alone, which is more than a third of all deaths in the country. According to the authorities, 24 percent of patients in intensive care units are younger than 60 years old. More than 27,186 people have left the hospital cured since the epidemic began – tens of thousands have to be added, who have recovered without a hospital stay./nau/DP/he

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