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VW plans to restart production after Easter | message


FRANKFURT (dpa-AFX) – Volkswagen (Volkswagen (VW) vz) wants to present its plans for ramping up production in Germany in a few days after the standstill in the Corona crisis. “The planning for the restart is being worked out,” said the procurement director in the Volkswagen Group, Stefan Sommer, of the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” (Saturday). “We’ll introduce her after Easter.” Everything depends heavily on the requirements of politics, “and when it plans to let public life run up again”.

However, Volkswagen itself “will soon come up with a clear idea of ​​when the plants will start up again and how the supply chains will start up again”. To do this, the supply chains would first have to be rebuilt, he said, “and at the same time the demand must be there again.” In the opinion of the Volkswagen manager, it is not enough to restart the car dealerships and registration offices again for a new start in Germany and Europe. “It takes investment in industry and investment in consumer behavior,” he said.

Volkswagen recently extended the closure of its core brand plants in Germany to April 19 due to the corona pandemic./brd/DP/he

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