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Western Union pays frontline helpers and systemically important employees in Germany | message


Western Union (NYSE: WU), a leader in cross-border, cross-currency money and payments, announced today that it will be there in the next two weeks Helpers at the forefront and systemically important employees a fee reduction1 of 50% for all money transfers worldwide made through any digital channel of the company. This offer is a small thank you from the company to these customers for their tireless commitment to local communities and their commitment to maintaining the necessary infrastructure and resources to keep the local economy flowing.

According to Western Union’s Business Intelligence, more than 65 percent of the world’s citizens work as helpers on the front line or in system-relevant industries. These global citizens make up a significant proportion of these occupations in key countries: 63 percent in the United States, 67 percent in the United Kingdom, 68 percent in France, 70 percent in Germany, 62 percent in Australia, 58 percent in the UAE, and 71 percent in Saudi Arabia.

“When the world stopped spinning, it was the front-line helpers and system-critical employees who kept going,” said Hikmet Ersek, President and CEO of Western Union. “They kept coming to work every day to keep our community and our economy going.

Many of the frontline helpers or systemically important employees are global citizens who regularly send money to their loved ones at home. At Western Union we are inspired by our customers who entrust us with their hard earned money. We want to acknowledge their commitment to continue sending remittances to the communities and economies most in need around the world and to help them promote health and safety in communities worldwide. ”

The discount can be reduced using the code THANKS2020 can be redeemed and is valid for all transactions in most digitally connected Western Union countries. The transaction can be done via or the Western Union app and can be received wherever there is a Western Union network. Payment can be made to bank accounts or digital wallets in more than 100 countries or through a sales location in 200 countries and areas. The fee reduction is valid from now until May 20, 2020 and can be used by frontline helpers such as medical personnel, police, fire brigade and systemically important employees in the areas of food, transport, utilities and other important industries such as manufacturing and construction.

According to the World Bank, Germany was one of the 10 countries that made the most transfers in 2018. The countries that received the most transfers were Poland, Italy, France, Croatia and Hungary. “We are grateful to the global community for providing important help here in Germany while continuing to care for and support their families at home,” said Elke Lueck, Head of Network, Central Europe, Western Union.

Last month, Western Union announced the expansion of its digital money transfer services. This was the company’s fastest growing division in 2019 in over 75 countries. End-to-end coverage ensures that these secure, conveniently available services are available to millions of the world’s most active money transfer customers, especially during COVID-19. The company also launched the “Digital Location” last month, a telephone service that helps customers make digital transactions from the comfort of their home. In some markets, delivery services are also offered for the funds received.

Western Union and the Western Union Foundation and their partners have contributed more than $ 1.0 million to the fight against COVID-19. The Foundation currently supports initiatives that strengthen health systems around the world and help vulnerable groups, including refugees and migrants. In addition, the foundation will continue to support local and global nonprofit organizations that provide essential services such as fighting hunger, medical training, education and equipment for frontline workers.

In addition, Western Union Business Solutions’ WU® NGO GlobalPay platform enables NGOs to focus on their vital tasks, conduct international activities and support communities in need. Since 2012, more than 2,000 NGOs have sent nearly $ 8 billion to 200 countries in 132 currencies worldwide through the platform.

All Western Union activities and initiatives related to COVID-19 can be viewed here in our Resource Center.


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