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WhatsApp will in future offer shopping via chat | message


MENLO PARK (dpa-AFX) – The messenger service WhatsApp, which belongs to the Facebook group, will in future enable its users to buy products directly from a chat. The end customers use their usual WhatsApp application and do not have to install a second app. Smaller companies that offer the goods and services, on the other hand, use a special business app from WhatsApp to respond to customer inquiries. For larger companies, WhatsApp also offers an interface (API) for customer care systems or inventory management software instead of a smartphone app, with which a large number of customer inquiries can be dealt with.

WhatsApp Business was launched in January 2018. Since then, the service has developed dynamically. According to WhatsApp, more than 175 million people now send messages to a WhatsApp business account every day. The first customers of the service included Vodafone (Vodafone Group) Germany and the Spanish airline Iberia, who have so far mainly responded to customer inquiries in WhatsApp chat. The WhatsApp Business interface is also used by start-ups such as Twillo, MessageBird, Yalochat and Infobip, which offer their own cloud communication platforms for their commercial customers.

WhatsApp Managing Director (COO) Matt Idema said the coronavirus pandemic made it clear that businesses need fast and efficient ways to serve their customers and make sales. “WhatsApp has become an easy and convenient resource during this time.” Now it is important to expand the service. WhatsApp will expand the possibilities for consumers to find out about available products and to make purchases directly from a chat. / Chd / DP / mis

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