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Why logistics objects are no longer an insider tip


The consequences of the corona pandemic did not stop at the real estate market. Many areas are still struggling with severe losses. But not all areas are in such a crisis.

The logistics real estate business has proven to be quite stable even during the Corona crisis with above-average rents and relatively stable returns. The facade of a warehouse is far from being an aesthetic sight, but investors shouldn’t care. If you believe the Manager Magazin, during the corona pandemic no type of property scored as high in terms of user interest and attractiveness for investors as logistics properties in the form of warehouses or handling centers.

Logistics industry as a safety anchor in times of pandemics

The pictures of the first weeks of the pandemic are far from forgotten. Empty pasta and toilet paper shelves in supermarkets and a demand for respiratory masks that far exceeded the supply. All of a sudden, retailers from the textile industry were no longer able to sell their collections, which were already very rapidly changing. Logistics proved to be a reliable support in both areas. On the one hand for the security of supply for the population, on the other hand as a storage place for clothes that could no longer be sold.

In addition, local, brick and mortar retail stores were largely inaccessible during the lockdown, which resulted in an even greater reliance on online shopping. Online retail in particular is seen as a major growth driver in the logistics industry. According to the analyst Patrick Völtz of the analysis company Bulwiengesa, the order level exceeded that of order peaks such as on Black Friday or from the pre-Christmas period, which is why logistics properties were particularly in demand. The Munich logistics real estate company Logivest speaks of an “exploding demand” for logistics real estate during the corona pandemic within a very short time.

Logistics industry is booming

According to the real estate company CBRE, logistics properties were already particularly popular with investors before the Corona crisis, as the entire industry has been subject to considerable growth for several years. It also assumes that the optimization of supply chains and re-sourcing will continue to have an impact on the growth of the logistics industry. As disclosed in a report by “Welt”, the company has a transaction volume of 3.8 billion euros, which corresponds to an increase of 43 percent and thus means the second strongest half year ever.

The global real estate market remains attractive. grundbesitz global invests in commercial real estate from the office, logistics and retail sectors worldwide. Why this is interesting for private investors.

A managing partner of the logistics property developer Alcaro Invest, Anton Mertens, stated that just-in-time delivery for customers in large cities needed creative solutions. After all, transshipment centers are increasingly needed in large cities in order to be able to bring parcels to customers as efficiently as possible. This could only be the beginning of a new logistics boom.

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